What is Manual Lymph Drainage?

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Here is an informative article written by New Jersey Massage’s own Larry Heisler. You can visit their website for additional information on the school, CE for therapists and scheduling appointments with their highly trained staff. The North Jersey Massage Training Center has become
the Northeast Headquarters for the famous Florida Manual Lymph Drainage Institute! This is where Mary trained.
Incredible Lymph Drainage!  

We Got The Pictures.

by Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT (New Jersey Massage)

Manual lymph drainage (MLD) and it’s profound effects on health, beauty and anti aging has been enjoyed by Europeans for many decades. MLD is not a massage, massage is directed towards the musculo skeletal system, MLD addresses the lymphatic system and it’s pathways. The human body contains between 500 and 700 lymph nodes and these are directly our bodies sanitation system. The lymph are just under the skin and require a very light pumping action to move them along. The aim is to promote the lymph flow not cut it off with deeper strokes. Originally developed by Drs. Emil and Estrid Vodder for the treatment of chronic sinusitis and other immune disorders in the 1930’s, MLD according to Massage Magazine is the fourth fastest growing modality in the bodywork industry. With continued research confirming what the Vodder’s have extensively researched and taught, we now know your lymph are a key component to your immune system. A healthy, viable lymph system means that your body can drain out foreign invaders, toxins and waste products. Throughout your body there is a virtual road map where the lymph travel and move. Some of the pathways carrying lymph are like smaller side streets in your home neighborhood, others are like larger routes and there are a few main roads and highways. If you know the pathways, the special strokes used in MLD can dramatically speed up the removal of the bodies wastes. This can be especially powerful when the body is overwhelmed with health and nutrition challenges or to prepare for surgery and specifically to speed healing post op. Lymph transports at a speed of 10-12 beats per minute. When you have more waste products (pollutants, tobacco, chemical exposure, excess fats, sugars, alcohol), the lymph system can be especially burdened and travel (detox) can be hampered. To speed up the system or as it is called the lymphangiomotoricity, exercise, diet and breathing exercises can really help and an actual 50 minute MLD session can speed up the process by a factor of 10X’s! Thus massage therapists trained in MLD can significantly help drain the bodies wastes clearing up many conditions and boosting the overall immune system and the bodies healing capacity. For instance imagine how effective MLD could be for addressing allergies, ear and throat infections or lymph vessels that are simply engorged by dietary over consumption. MLD drains the excess. That’s why MLD is now on the menu for weight loss, allergies, cystic breasts, eczema, diabetic neuropathy, cellulite minimization, fibromyalgia, detox and anti aging to name a few. When it comes to surgery, five MLD sessions before and five sessions after are the standard recommendation. Some patients may be reluctant to pay the extra amount for these ten MLD 50 minute sessions. That’s understandable especially when paying for cosmetic surgical procedures out of pocket. But remember MLD clears the drainage pathways dramatically promoting healing and when you see pictures of the results, it’s simply amazing. The number one surgical procedure in the United States is liposuction. Unfortunately some physicians are unaware or disregard the lymph during this procedure, very often damaging them and their pathways making healing and recovery much more difficult. Take a look at our first two pictures, week two post op. The gal in the first picture did not have any pre or post op MLD sessions. The gal in the second picture had the prescribed five before and five after. 

Week two after facelift. The gal on the left still in pain and healing, no MLD. Gal on right, healing with no pain.
On left liposuction w/o pre or post op MLD. Same person, one month later, after sessions of MLD.