• Restorative Yoga

    A decadent practice where all poses are supported and passive, allowing deep relaxation and release of toxins, tensions and stresses. We will experience deep breathing techniques and meditation to further contribute to the sense of peace. You will need two or more firm blankets, a bolster or firm pillows, comfy cover up blanket and eye pillow or wash cloth to cover the eyes. Any additional props you might have can be kept on hand as I always encourage you to use as much support as necessary for your comfort. No experience needed for this practice.

  • All Level Yoga

    Experience warming, playful and meditative postural flow in a comfortable, non-competitive atmosphere. This class is appropriate for experienced practitioners with a basic knowledge of postures and alignment awareness. Modifications and options for postures will be given. Since classes are virtual, we will not be practicing inversions such as headstands and shoulder stands.

  • Yoga – Gentle

    Gentle stretching, breathing and postures with some restorative poses. Ideal for the beginner and for those with physical limitations.