• Mixed Level Yoga Flow

    Experience warming, playful and meditative Vinyasa flow in a comfortable, non-competitive atmosphere. This class is appropriate for experienced practitioners with a basic knowledge of postures and alignment awareness. Modifications and options for postures will be given.

  • Yoga – Level 1

    Learn basic postures, breathing styles and meditation. More focus on breath and movement connection. Some sun salutations and preparation for inversions. Ideal for the newcomer and those with some experience.

  • Yoga – Gentle

    Gentle stretching, breathing and postures with some restorative poses. Ideal for the beginner and for those with physical limitations.

  • Gentle/Restorative

    This class will include more supported postures and pranayama techniques, gentle stretching, and meditation. A wonderful compliment to any level of practice. No experience required.

  • Tai Chi and Balance Fitness

    Contact Stan Cohen directly for more information and to register (908)857-0271. Visit his website ChiforLiving

    ChiForLiving teaches forms and balance. Many of the movements can be done anywhere, anytime. All that is needed is a good attitude and willingness to improve physical and mental health through motion.

    Practicing ChiForLiving teaches balance, enhances leg strength, and improves flexibility and stamina. Due to the concentration needed to perform the movements, the exercise also works as a form of meditation and stress relief.

    This exercise works the leg, torso, and upper body with many arm movements done with hands above the heart for gentle cardio work.

    The turning movements generate from the core with hip rotation working the waist and trunk. The stances utilize the large leg muscles. The movement is done slowly, and is soft and flowing. Repetition and regular practice results in improved muscle tone, motor control / coordination and balance, and stimulation of the cardiovascular system